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The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The novel brings the story of a man named Charlie. Born in the family of Wade, a wealthy and rich family in the country, he has a fate contrary to what might come into your imagination. He was too young to remember anything when the patriarch of the family hounded out his mother and father.
From this day, the troubles for this poor soul begin. The parents moved to another city, their health and financial situation getting worse and worse each day. Soon, he became an orphan. At the age of eight, he lost his mother first, then father.
This neglected child will not see a good day in his life starting from now. First, he was taken in by an orphanage. Here his source of emotional attachment became the lady in charge of the care for orphans.
Later at the age of maturity. A kind old man named Mr. Willson tied the knot with his beautiful granddaughter. Soon after the engagement, the old man kicked the bucket as well. This is when the miserable life to which Charlie was used to returning to him.

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