Flywoo Explorer LR4 First Flight – 26 mins!

Maiden flight of the LR4 was impressive. Stock tuning was pretty sweet. Most BNF I’ve tried have very slow rates from stock and can’t roll worth a ‘FLIP’ LOL Flywoo had this one at 650ish deg/sec so you can actually flip and roll without hitting the ground! (I still set to my usual faster rates after this flight)
Even tested GPS Rescue without configuring anything. Pretty sweet little bird. Now I wanna try the hex! 馃檪 The only thing I’d wish for is compass for iNav and a Diversity Nano for longer range and more reliability at distance (as well as beacon mode), but really no complaints for a stock quad with no configuration changes. Just take out of the box and go “Explore”… For so long that you run out of ideas haha