Python Flask Starter

In this edition of Stripe Developer Office Hours, follow along as CJ Avilla walks through the fundamentals of Python and Flask.

## Resources
– Flask web framework
– curl command line tool
– python-dotenv
– Stripe Webhooks Guide
– Stripe Event Types

## Table of contents

2:17 Install starter with Stripe CLI
3:10 Setup directory structure
3:24 Basic HTML
5:05 Install dependencies with pip
6:09 Start a basic
8:42 Add GET routes to the server
14:04 Make GET request from client
18:04 Add POST route to the server
22:20 Make POST request from client
27:27 Add basic webhook handler

## Presenter
CJ Avilla, Developer Support Engineer @ Stripe –

If you have a question, please feel free to reach out to our support team at or join us on Freenode IRC in #stripe.

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